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4G Mobile Phone &
High-Speed Internet Service

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4G Mobile Phone &
High-Speed Internet Service

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About The Service

FreedomPop believes mobile access is a right and not a privilege and is committed to offering the best mobile rates, ranging from basic to unlimited. Choose your rate and customize your plan according to your monthly needs!

Coverage Map

FreedomPop service is available across the UK and will expand to other areas, without any roaming fees, in the future. Please see the coverage map here for a view of our current network coverage.

Available on all iOS and Android Devices

Use your same phone number on any of your devices including tablets. You can download FreedomPop's app in Google Play or the iOS App Store and get FreedomPop texts and calls on any device you own.

How it Works

Simply slide in your FreedomPop SIM, download the FreedomPop messaging app, and start using your service.